• Diggels Bread
    Bread /various spreads
  • Risotto Bitterballen
    Mozzarella/basil cremeux/parmesan foam
  • Steak Tartare
    Black Angus Steak tartare/toast brioche/spices/red onions/capers/pickles/piccalilly/poached egg/truffle-mayonnaise
  • Steak Tartare
    As main course
  • Beef Carpaccio
    Thinly sliced marinated tenderloin/parmesan/bacon/pine nuts/pesto dressing
  • Peking Duck Spring Rolls
    Candied duck breast/spicy Oriental salad/passion frui dip/Sesame dumpling
  • Iberico Pork Belly
    Roasted Iberico pork belly/apple syrup /smoked crispy belly bacon/  sauerkraut cream/caramelised apple
  • Scallops
    Grilled fresh scallops/wakame/nori crispy/miso cream
  • Red Tuna Tacos
    Red tuna tartare /lime/soy/mini tacos/wasabi mayonnaise
  • Classic Seafood
    Lobsters soup/ smoked salmon crostini/cod croquette


  • Italian tomato Soup
    Homemade Italian tomato soup/parmesan
  • Onion soup
    Bacon/Cheese gratinated
  • Bisque de Homard
    Lobster soup/Spicy garlic Crostini’s/Rouille

Diggels Runners

  • The Big Diggels
    €17.50                                                                                                                                                                                                  Grilled burger of Black Angus Steak/grilled brioche sandwich /crispy fried onion/pickle /tomato/Rotterdamse old cheese/ Roasted pancetta/Smokey Joe sauce
  • Salmon Burger
    Grilled burger of salmon tartare/grilled brioche sandwich /tomato/crispy fried onion/poached egg/wild leaf spinach/lemon mayonnaise
  • Diggels Spareribs Heel Rack
    Choice of: barbecue/sweet soy sauce/honey/sambal marinade
  • Diggels Spareribs
    + €5.00
    Extra Half Rack
  • Satay Diggels
    Chicken Satay Skewer/peanut sauce/prawn crackers/sweet and sour cucumber


  • Tiroler Schnitzel
    Large cbreaded schnitzel of Iberico pork fillet/Jäger sauce/Tiroler Gröstl/baked potatoes/bacon/onion/fried egg
  • Black Angus Steak
    Roasted or charcoal grilled or baked in butter
  • Winter Chicken
    Grilled whole Farmer’s chicken/curry mayonnaise/red cabbage salad/potato dippers/Fresh apple sauce
  • Pork Tenderloin Complete
    Pork Tenderloin/Tutti Frutti/Port Salut/Jus de veau
  • Pork Tenderloin Natural
  • Bavette
    Black Angus Bavette/candied red onion/wild mushrooms/potato dippers/Sauce of “Barendrechts Vaan” double-beer
  • Black Angus Citron Steak
    Black Angus beef sucade /stew croquettes /grilled winter vegetables/stuffed Veal gravy
  • Surf & Turf
    Tenderloin tips /king prawns/teriyaki sauce
  • Duck breast
    French duck breast/winter vegetables/orange/Grand marnier sauce/forest mushrooms
  • Tournedos Black Angus grain-fed natural
    Charcoal grilled or plain fried in butter
  • Venison ( Deer ) Steak
    Venison Steak/Winter vegetables/apricots/stewed pear / blueberries/ sauce


  • Mediterranean Fish Stew
    Various types of fish/spicy tomato cream sauce/olives /oregano/Emmental cheese
  • Salmon fillet
    Fresh salmon fillet/lemon crumble/garlic/fennel spinach salad/fried capers/dill cream sauce
  • Codfish
    Skin baked cod/mozzarella/tomato/spinach cream sauce
  • Red tuna
    Grilled red tuna/Oriental vegetables/teriyaki sauce
  • Dover soles from Yerseke
    Three baked dover soles /ravigote sauce
  • Mixed Fish
    Fish mix of plaice fillet/salmon/sea bass/king prawn/lobsters sauce
  • Sea bass Fillet & St. Jacobs nuts
    Fried sea bass fillet/scallops /red pesto sauce


  • Pasta Pesto
    Parmesan/sundried tomato/argula
  • Mushroom Burger
    Pulled mushroom burger/BBQ sauce/brioche sandwich /coleslaw/sweet potato fries/truffle mayonnaise
  • Falafel
    Wraps/falafel/chickpea salad/pearl couscous/yogurt-garlic sauce

For there

  • Truffle fries
    Fresh fries/parmesan/truffle salt
  • Fried Roseval Potatoes
  • Extra mixed salad or fresh vegetables
  • Diggels Mix
    Fried onions, mushrooms and bacon
  • Fried Mushrooms
  • Pepper/mushroom-cream-/Stroganoff/red wine or gorgonzola sauce
  • Truffle mayonnaise
  • Mayonnaise

Mini Diggeltjes *

  • Mini Diggeltjes
    Burger/Pasta Bolognese/kip-sate/frikandel/croquette or half sparib with fries, applesauce and mayonnaise and a children’s ice cream after.Free
    * Children up to 12 years old; 1 child per adult;
    * If ordered the entire table for 18.00 hours;
    * Only when ordering a main course.

    Note: Not valid in combination with other discounts
    And on public holidays and events.


  • Dame Blanche
    Vanilla ice cream/chocolate sauce/whipped cream.
  • Kaat mossel
    Eggnog ice cream/chocolate sauce/eggnog/whipped cream
  • Lava Cake
    White chocolate filling/orange-ice cream/whipped cream
  • Trifle of Speculaas
    €8,50                                                                                                                                                                      Stew/mascarpone/white chocolate ice cream/speculaas crumble/Whipped cream
  • Stroopwafel Cheesecake
    Cheesecake/Caramel sauce/stroopwafel-ice cream/whipped cream
  • Cheese Platter
    Assorted cheeses/apples troop/walnut bread
  • Red Velvet cake
    Fruit mascarpone/chocolate/lime mint-ice cream/whipped cream
  • Cinnamon Crème brûlée
    Stewed pear/stew-ice cream/whipped cream
  • Coffee???
    Coffee/glass of Barendrechts Bittertje liqueur/2 Mini Desserts
  • Diggels Grand Dessert
    Super Grand Dessert/Flames (V.A. 2 people p. P)

For the enthusiast

  • Vicenta Gandia New Wood Moscatel
    Glass of Dessert Wine
  • Dow’s Nirvana reserva Ruby-style Port
    Glass of red port for sweets eg: cocoa and nuts
  • Dow’s Aged 10 yr Tawny Port
    Glass of red port for cheese
  • Limoncello
    Out of the freezer
  • Bowl of fresh whipped cream with wet heads
  • Dish Bonbons
    Belgian Chocolates Chocolates 5 pieces (or more…) from

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